Rule Your Data Kingdom With AVM Cloud's Sovereign Cloud Solution

AVM Cloud, a subsidiary of Malaysian ISP TIME dotCom Bhd, has just released a sovereign cloud solution based on VMware's multi-cloud architecture. The CEO of AVM, David Chan, the Country Manager of VMware in Malaysia, Sarene Lee, and the Executive Vice-President, Enterprise Business of TIME dotCom Bhd, Kit Au, all spoke at the event themed "Into the Zone."

AVM's sovereign cloud solution enables organisations in Malaysia and elsewhere to fulfil data residency and sovereignty regulations while reaping the full advantages of multi-cloud expansion. In its role as a VMware Sovereign Cloud provider (SCP), AVM is at the forefront of the cloud service provider business, driving the proper dialogues and considerations for solutions operating on a secure, scalable, and compliant multi-cloud architecture that is tailored to the specific demands of individual clients and nations.

David Chan, CEO of AVM, made a point to stress the importance of data privacy and ownership in his opening remarks "Personalisation, Authority, and Trust. These phrases describe the benefits that AVM's sovereign cloud may provide to enterprises. We provide you complete control over your data while guaranteeing its safety and privacy on Malaysian soil."

The increasing need for sovereign cloud solutions was underlined by VMware's Country Manager in Malaysia, Sarene Lee. According to Lee, AVM makes it possible for businesses to focus on business outcomes with the knowledge that their data, workloads, and procedures are all being handled within the nation and in complete compliance with local data residency and sovereignty rules.

VMware's Director of Cloud Sales for Southeast Asia and Korea, Ajay Turki, elaborated on how VMware Sovereign Cloud providers are assisting businesses in continuing to enjoy the cloud's benefits, such as availability, accessibility, better security, and scalability, without giving up the ability to deploy regulated workloads to the appropriate cloud and the assurance that data integrity is being maintained securely within Malaysia's borders.

When it comes to managing and securing mission-critical data in accordance with local requirements across geographies and cloud providers, AVM's certified sovereign cloud has been hailed as a game-changer by Time's Executive VP of Enterprise Business, Kit Au.

AVM, VMware, and Time hosted an engaging panel discussion that dove further into sovereign clouds and the advantages of a secure cloud architecture. They talked about how big data's unique security and privacy requirements are increasing the demand for Sovereign Cloud providers like AVM. They also brought attention to the rising worries over data sovereignty caused by changing legal requirements and geopolitical turmoil.

By the early look, AVM is well-positioned to satisfy the rising need for additional steps in future-proofing and threat mitigation for data, workloads, and IT infrastructure with the introduction of its sovereign cloud solution, which is built on VMware's multi-cloud technology. With its new sovereign cloud solution, AVM Cloud is not just providing a secure and compliant cloud infrastructure but also giving enterprises in Malaysia and beyond the autonomy to rule their data kingdom.

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